Nursing Home „Agape“

High end care facility with an outstanding nursing quality

Getting Dom Agape’s online reputation to correspond with their on-site excellence using Google’s best tools

Nursing Home „Agape“


positions on Google for the most searched keywords


average conversion rate


increase in organic website traffic in first year


The Agape nursing home is the first private home in Belgrade built to provide lux-category accommodation and care for the elderly. It is located in a quiet part of the city at Braće Jerković in Voždovac.

Special emphasis is put on the quality of medical services, which are managed by a team of doctors and medical staff, and include assessment of condition on admission and monitoring during the entire stay. All rooms and apartments have modern equipment, each with a bathroom, cable TV, telephone and SOS button to call a nurse.


The goal was to increase the acquisition of new clients through the website.

The user experience on the site itself had to be improved, the content  reorganised and made easier to access to key information.

The second task was to launch SEO optimisation and a Google AdWords search campaign to face very strong competition and create a better market position. This had to be done with a limited budget and clearly defined deadlines.



The first task was to create content that fully corresponds to the reputation and level of service at the home, and to make the most important information immediately available. Key elements were reorganised to provide a clearer picture of the quality of service and the content of the offer. This was a good basis for launching SEO optimisation and AdWords campaigns. After a detailed analysis of the competition and keyword research, a clear strategic approach was made.

Products used

  • SEO
  • UX improvements
  • Google Search


  • Boost Number of Visitors
  • Increase Sales


Thanks to our great experience in SEO optimisation, we have managed, in a period of just a few months, to position the nursery home Agape in organic search to positions 1 – 5 for the ten most important keywords. These positions have been retained today – 3 years later. Google AdWords campaign reached an outstanding conversion rate. That was achieved thanks to the bold experiments with ads’ text and keywords, as to the usage of advanced ad optimization settings. The resault was 10/10 quality score for the top 5 most important search terms. All of the pervious led to 100% capacity utilization during the 3 year period.