Optika Denic

Long tradition collided with a modern approach

Optika Denic stepped up and made it to the next level supported by an analytics based strategies with a user experience in focus

Optika Denic


monthly increase in website organic traffic over 3 years


return on ad spend


increase of total sales comparing with no campaigns


Optika Denic is a family-owned company with a long tradition – it has been on the market for over 25 years. Opening a shop in downtown Belgrade marks the beginning of a new chapter for them. They offer a large selection of dioptric glasses and sunglasses, and all types of contact lens.

Recognising the importance of online presence in 2013, they decided to launch online sales.

After developing the first version of their website, they chose Superscript as the partner to provide them with support in online presence and sales.


To become a leader in online sale of lense and to make their brend well known among the tageted audience. To achieve this, they know they need to maximise the use of all available internet advertising channels, and to make the experience of buying online as simple as possible. Special feature of their organisation is that they keep a large stock especially of contact lenses and deliver their products by courier service on the “today for tomorrow” principle. They pride themselves on top quality service and provide all their clients a free examination and professional consultation.

“Veliki citat koji ide na Case projekat”

Ime i prezime


A strategy was designed to increase the website’s visibility, to lead to higher sales and continuous growth. We launched several services that work together to achieve this. The first step was to improve the user experience on the website itself. The idea was to simplify the process of finding products and to purchase in just a couple of clicks. The second step was SEO of the website to improve its position in Google organic search. At the same time a Google Dynamic Search campaign was launched to reach new customers.

Products used

  • SEO
  • UX improvements
  • Google AdWords Search
  • Google AdWords Display
  • Newsletter
  • E-commerce


  • Drive Online Sales
  • Brand Awareness


Thanks to well-optimised campaign, we have achieved an excellent conversion rate at a low cost per click. The result is an outstanding ROI on Google AdWords campaigns.

With the help of SEO optimisation, they have achieved excellent positions for the top 20 keywords. This has contributed to a growth in organic visits to the site of 500% over 3 year period. Continuous improvement of the user experience on the site ensured that the conversion rate has continued increasing from month to month.

The result is an overall growth in online sales of 10x over a period of 3 years.